Why Strategic Implants

1. Immediate / early functional loading which means, you will get fixed teeth within 3 days of implant placement.

  • Avoidance of interim loose dentures.
  • No need secondary implant exposure surgery.

2. Utilization of the patient’s own bone substance

  • Avoidance of bone augmentation/grafting procedure
  • Avoidance of sinus lifts/sinus grafts
  • Avoidance of additional surgical risks.
  • Cost and time savings.
  • Cost saving is only one consideration. It is certainly an advantage to be able to save one-third of the overall treatment costs by avoiding bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures. With the use of modern basal implant, these bone grafting procedures are unnecessary.
  • Basal implants are often the only way to provide fixed restoration in many of the so called "less bone" or "NO BONE " situations

3. Very little external material

  • Modern basal implants displace up to 60% less bone substance than comparable conventional two piece implants.
  • Bone integrity and perfusion are barely interupted by basal implants.

4. Immediate implant placement after multiple tooth extractions

  • Immediate implantation is possible even in cases with severe periodontal infected teeth
  • No need to do periodontal treatment before extraction of the affected teeth.
  • Considerable time is saved and risks are reduced.
  • The cost/benefits ratio is excellent.

5. Favorable distribution of biomechanical loads i.e bite forces

  • The forces generated during chewing (masticatory forces) are distributed only to the cortical regions.
  • The cortical regions are the more resistant to resorption and stronger and also regenerate more quickly. They are the most stable bone available in our jaws.
  • Force transmission occurs far away from the site of bacterial invasion. which means there is no risk of infection after implant placement.
  • Immediate loading is possible thanks to the bicortical support and immediate prosthodontic splinting by the bridge.

6. Less complications during the surgical and healing phase

  • Modern Strategic implants are very resistant to preoperative and/or intra-operative infection .There is NO NEED for extensive oral hygiene maintenance after implant therapy. Therefore the Strategic Implants may be used in patients, who have difficulties in performing regular brushing and cleaning.
  • Even heavy Smokers and diabetics are eligible for treatment with basal implants